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Life is a Game

Life is indeed a game not less than a gamble. In life, you either win something or lose something. You cannot have everything in life. Life has its moments of ups and downs and highs and lows. One cannot predict what new twist the life may throw at you. However, the important thing to remember is that you enjoy the game. 

The key to the fate and the end result of the game of life lies in the hands of the individuals. Individuals are responsible for how they play or fare in life. The same is determined by the performance of the individual over the period of his/her life. If the person is indulged in wrong activities which might affect his physical and mental health, he will not last long in the game of life.

One cannot win a game without proper planning. Similarly, in life, there are many hurdles and challenges. Challenges make life more exciting and they require planning and confidence to overcome problems. For normal situations in life, people are aware of the moves to be taken. However, for unforeseen circumstances, it is imperative to keep a plan ready to effectively play the game of life and increase the chances of a win!!

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