Sports Goods Manufacturers and Exporters Association was established in 1973 as a non-profit organization and is popularly known are SGMEA. It’s a registered association that represents leading manufacturers and exporters of sports goods in Indian sports goods industry.

The association is governed by the chairman who is elected by the members and a nominated executive body. They represent almost the entire sports industry in India and contribute to approximate 70 % of India’s exports and 50 % of domestic markets.The association is professional and competent in its approach and have the modern communication facilities to meet the global challenges. They offer membership but is limited to 65 firms only who are prominent and leading in manufacturing and exports of world class sports goods and equipment’s.The association members are predominately from Jalandhar district of Punjab.

SGMEA liaisons with Government Departments for providing expert solutions to different problems for manufacturers and exporters. It also provides a collective vision for the sports goods industry. The association also organizes various seminars, lectures, training programs to create awareness, exhibition and workshops for sports goods and equipment’s. They provide support activities for the member firms. It acts as a “Nodal Cluster Level Institute” for the development of sports goods cluster in Jalandhar Punjab. The association has followed its role as a proactive business service provider for the sports goods industry in Punjab. It acts as a common platform where different challenges for the sports industry are collectively addressed.

SGMEA owns a full-time office executive wherein various activities are coordinated related to the sports industry. Various seminars, workshops and interactive meets are regularly conducted by the association related to the technology and sports goods market. The association also publishes a journal named “Voice” which provides a valuable information about the sports industry and “E-Voice” which is an electronic version of their journal. The journal is widely circulated across the industry like sports federations, associations, foreign embassies in India and Indian embassies and consulates outside India. The association has been found capable to excel it members in sports industry. It undertakes training of workers for different sports goods and conduct various seminars related to modern export techniques in sports industry. It also conducts workshops on ISO, and different studies for wood, polymer, and composite based sports goods to improve the quality and production of sports goods in Indian sports industry. The association also creates awareness and provides knowledge about the different MSME schemes in sports goods industry from the central government.

The vision of the SGMEA for 2020 is to provide dynamic leadership of the association which can lead the sports goods industry to greater heights and compete at the global arena. Breakthrough innovations and adoption of modern and latest technology in producing and manufacturing sports goods and equipment’s of international repute and standards to global recognition is the prime goal of this association. Make sure that the industry embracing ISO standards and upgradation of highly skilled labours for innovative products and patents being applied for by the sports goods industry in India.

Address: 201 Shakti Nagar, Jalandhar – 144001, Punjab, India

Phone: 0181-4632516